Driving Lesson - Turning Right

Driving Lesson - Turning Right

Driving Lesson - Turning Right

MSPSL Routine


  • Check centre and right mirror
  • Effective observation of all other road users


  • Right indicator
  • To inform other road users
  • Correct timing
    • Too early - other road users will/may ignore
    • Too late - other road users won't have time to react


  • Just left of centre line


  • Slow to suitable speed using brakes
    • Stop if necessary, oncoming traffic has priority
    • 5 - 10 mph, blind or tight corner
    • 10 - 20 mph, open or shallow corner
  • Change to appropriate gear
    • 1st gear, if stopped
    • 1st gear, blind or tight corner
    • 2nd gear, open or shallow corner
  • Do not coast into or round corner
    • Not in full control
    • Mustn't release clutch in corner
      • Stranded if in neutral
      • Stall if in wrong gear


  • Check road ahead
    • Ensure it is safe to turn
  • Check road ahead
    • Assess all other road users
    • Oncoming vehicles, priority
    • Time to cross - Time to walk across

Point of Turn

  • When front bumper of car level with centre line in new road
    • Too soon - will cross white line
    • Too late - will hit kerb


  • Pull Push
  • Straighten up
  • Just before the turn is completed
  • Feed wheel back

Check Mirrors

  • New road, new mirrors
  • Accelerate
  • Change gear

Turning Right

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