Driving Lesson - Traffic Lights

Driving Lesson - Traffic Lights

Driving Lesson - Traffic Lights


  • Red - STOP and wait at the stop line.
  • Red and amber - STOP and wait.
  • Green - GO if the way ahead is clear.
  • Amber - STOP, unless...
    • you've already crossed the stop line
    • you're so close to it that pulling up might cause an accident.

Planning and Anticipation

  • If they've been green for a long time – could go red
  • If they're red just slowing down may prevent having to stop


  • Behind single solid line
  • No line – no lights
  • Stop from gear you are in
    • Do not change down through gears
    • Handbrake, neutral

Advanced Stop Line

  • For Cyclists
  • Stop at first line

When to go

  • Only when green light
  • Only when safe (Green light does not always mean safe to go)
  • Turning right
    • Move forward to point of turn when lights go green (if safe)
    • Turn when safe, even if lights change to red (You're past the line)

Filter Light

  • Assists when going in a specific direction
  • Check it is safe to go
  • Some come on after green light (often right turn)
  • Some come on before green light (often left turn)
  • Some are on permanently

If Lights Fail

  • Treat as unmarked crossing
    • No priority

Traffic Lights

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