Driving Lesson - Signals

Driving Lesson - Signals

Driving Lesson - Signals

Types of Signals

  • Indicators
  • Brake lights
  • Reversing lights
  • Hazard lights
    • Only use in an emergency
  • Flashing Headlights
    • Means "I am here"
    • If somebody flashes
      • Ensure any signal is meant for you
      • Check it is safe to go
      • Lights over speed humps
    • DO NOT flash instructions to other road users
    • DO NOT flash headlights aggressively
  • Hand signals
    • To other road user
      • If indicators stop working
      • Helpful to pedestrians on crossing
    • To people controlling traffic

Why we use signals

  • To inform other road users of our intentions

When we use signals

  • If it will benefit other road users
  • If it is not misleading
  • ALWAYS signal at junctions

Timing of Signals

  • Too early - other road users will/may ignore
  • Too late - other road users won't have time to react
  • Use earlier if going faster
    • 300 yd marker on motorway/dual carriageway

Misleading Signals

  • Leaving signal on too long
  • Leaving signal on before moving off
  • Signalling too early when 2 side roads are close
  • Signalling to overtake parked vehicles
  • Flashing headlights


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