Driving Lesson - Overtaking

Driving Lesson - Overtaking

Driving Lesson - Overtaking

When / Where to overtake?

  • Safe
    • NOT hills, bends, junctions, etc.....
    • Vehicle to be overtaken not turning or moving out
  • Legal
    • Signs, road markings, only on right (exceptions)
  • Necessary
    • Exiting next junction, heavy traffic, same speed, etc.....

Time taken to overtake

  • 40MPH overtaking 30MPH - 200 Metres
  • 60MPH overtaking 70 MPH - over 1⁄2 Mile


  • Assess speed/distance of following traffic
  • Locate suitable "slot" to move into (dual carriageways)


  • Stay back at least 4 seconds while waiting to overtake
    • Better vision
    • Time to accelerate to:-
      • same speed as outside lane
      • briskly overtake


  • Always signal before overtaking moving vehicle
    • Don't signal when:-
      • another vehicle is just about to overtake
      • there is no "slot" to move into


  • Final check


  • Check over right shoulder


  • Move out positively but gradually at 2 seconds distance
  • Accelerate to speed limit (if safe)


  • Centre of right lane (dual carriageways), or at least 1 metre

Return to left lane

  • Always signal
  • Single carriageway - ASAP
    • Do not cut into overtaken vehicle
  • Dual carriageway
    • When you can see overtaken vehicle in CENTRE mirror
    • Can stay out if line of slow traffic


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