Driving Lesson - Moving Off

Driving Lesson - Moving Off

Driving Lesson - Moving Off

POM Routine


  • Clutch down
  • Select 1st gear
  • Set the gas
  • Clutch up slowly to biting point
  • Keep both feet steady


  • Quickly and effectively
  • Six points check
    • Left blind spot
    • Left door mirror
    • Windscreen Centre mirror
    • Ahead
    • Right door mirror
    • Right blind spot
  • Signal only if necessary If the traffic is queuing and almost at a standstill then you may need to signal as a request to let you join the traffic. Signal to help out pedestrians.
  • If for some reason you have to wait, you must do six point check again


  • Release handbrake
  • Clutch up slowly
  • Increase gas slightly
  • Steer to normal driving position
  • Centre of lane
  • Check centre and right mirror
  • Increase gas

No delay between observing and moving

Moving Off

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