Driving Lesson - Forward Bay Parking

Driving Lesson - Forward Bay Parking

Driving Lesson - Forward Bay Parking

Starting Point

  • Position
    • 1 or 1½ car width away and parallel from end of parking bays
  • Signal
    • Left/Right indicator (if required)

Drive to reference point

  • Once at reference point (Middle of car inline with one of the white lines) stop and
    • Observe (360° observation from right to left)
    • Just under full lock to the left/Right - whilst still moving slowly
    • Just before parallel to lines
    • Straighten up the wheels

Finishing Position

  • In middle of bay
    • Left/right
    • Forward/backwards
  • Secure car
    • Handbrake
    • Neutral

Then the examiner will tell you to reverse to the left/right and drive on.

  • Use POM Routine (To move out of the bay)
  • Observe all around and reverse slowly using clutch control
  • Steer left/right depending on the direction you want to go
  • Whilst reversing keep looking all around for other road users
  • Straighten up the wheels and stop
  • Use POM Routine to drive forward

Other Road Users (including pedestrians)

  • Stop - allow to pass

Slow Speed - Good Observation

Forward Bay Parking

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