Driving Lesson - Emerge Closed Junctions

Driving Lesson - Emerge Closed Junctions

Driving Lesson - Emerge Closed Junctions

Closed Junction

  • Poor vision
  • Unable to plan ahead
  • Usually have to stop

Signs and road markings

  • Often stop

MSPSL and LADA routines


  • Check centre and side mirror
  • Effective observation of all other road users


  • Left/Right indicator
  • To inform other road users
  • Correct timing
    • Too early - other road users will/may ignore
    • Too late - other road users won't have time to react


  • Turning Left, Centre of left lane or 1m from kerb
  • Turning Right, Just left of centre line


  • Closed junction, STOP
  • Change to appropriate gear
    • 1st gear, closed junction


  • Check main road ahead, look right - left - right
    • Right - Traffic you meet first comes from the right
    • Left - Ensure nothing is on your side (overtaking)
    • Right - Final check


  • Assess all other road users
    • Speed
    • Position
    • Direction
    • Signals
    • Priority


  • Based on the above info
    • Is it safe to pull out?
    • Is there time to pull out?
    • Could you cross the road as a pedestrian?
  • Not enough info due to bad vision


  • Stop
    • Peep and Creep
    • When safe to do so
    • No more than 25 cm at a time
    • Very slowly
    • Continue to Look, Assess, Decide
  • Go
    • Move off safely without hesitation

Unmarked Junctions

  • No one has priority
  • Try to get eye contact
  • Proceed with caution

Emerge Closed Junctions

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