Driving Lesson - Dual Carriageways

Driving Lesson - Dual Carriageways

Driving Lesson - Dual Carriageways

Speed Limits

  • Cars – 70 mph Lorries – 50 mph (Unless other signs)


  • Stay in left lane on slip road - unless overtaking
  • Try to get up to "lorry speed" (depending on slip road)
  • LADA
    • Check mirrors
    • Assess all other traffic
    • Select a location to slot into ASAP
    • Adjust speed to be able to slot into selected location
  • Signal right
  • Check blind spot
  • Move across into left hand lane smoothly
  • Do not cut across any hatch markings


  • Centre of lane
  • Left lane unless overtaking
  • Right lane, overtaking only
    • Stay in lane if continuous slow traffic
  • Always indicate before changing lane
  • Change lanes to allow other vehicles to join


  • Left lane 60-70 mph (where safe to do so)
    • Or will slow down traffic flow and cause lorries to block right lane
  • Right lane 70 mph
    • Up to speed limit
      • Avoid hindering other traffic


  • Mirrors – Approx. every 10 seconds

Distance from other vehicles

  • 2 Second rule

Cats eyes

  • Green – can cross
  • Red – on left
  • Orange – on right


  • Mirrors, Signal, Approx. 300 yards marker
  • Exit straight into required lane
  • Use slip road for slowing down (unless very short)
    • Speeds will seem much slower than they actually are
      • Check speedo – leave time to adjust

Faster Speed - Better Observation and Earlier Planning

Dual Carriageways

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